How to Adopt a Maltese or Small Dog

          We have a process of adoption which is :

            1) The application for adoption must be filled out and submitted. When we receive it we will tell you if it has been approved to send to processing. The application is located on our website here :

            Adoption Application

            2) After the application has been accepted to send to processing the processors will verify everything on the application, references, vet records, etc. They will notify you when you have made it through this process which may take a month or more as we generally have many in processing. Once this process is complete we will let you know which dog(s) fit your profile, if any. Once a dog has been selected and agreed upon the next step is the home visit

            2) The home visit will be done to put a face to an application and to check fencing, areas the pet will be kept, etc. They will also go over the application about your home to see if there should be any updates/changes. We will call and schedule a good time to come and meet with you and your family..

            3) If all are correct and the home is accepted the rescue who has the dog selected and the adoptive family will agree on a contract and delivery of the dog.

            4) The dog will then be delivered for a two week trial visit to be sure that the selection is right for the adoptive home and for the dog.

            5) After the two week trial visit we will return and if all is good we will do the final paperwork for adoption. If not we will pick up the dog and talk to you about amother or other options.

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